Consistency Before Intensity

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By Coach Laura

It is paramount to learn and understand the proper biomechanics of each movement in CrossFit, then to consistently perform them accurately during training BEFORE you increase intensity.

Intensity can come in the form of heavier loads, increased reps, as well as moving faster through the movement or shorter time frames.

But what does intensity give you? Essentially, intensity is the catalyst for the best training adaptations. You will be doing more movement in less time and you will be sure to burn more calories! Therefore increasing your fitness level but if you try to up your intensity without first learning and then mastering the mechanics you are asking for an injury.

Your safety is our priority and it should be yours too! If you continue to work on the foundation you will be upping that intensity before you know it! So if you’re unsure on a movement, never hesitate to scale the weight back. We strongly encourage it every day for a reason!

Read the full article in the CrossFit Journal here:

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