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Lionmode Performance is the a holistic programming system which caters for athletes of all levels focused on developing real results.


LP Conditioning
20 USDper month
  • 6 Days per Week
  • 20min Sessions
  • Designed as an adjunct to the LionWOD or an additional session for later that day, this track is all about building the engine.
LP Functional Strength
20 USDper month
  • ??? Days per Week
  • 30min Sessions
  • Focused on Tackling imbalances in strength & stability, LP Functional Strength incorporates traditional bodybuilding movements as an injury prevention and maintenance adjunct to your regular training.
LP Olympic Weightlifting
25 USDper month
  • 3 Days per Week
  • 60-90min Sessions
  • A dedicated Olympic Weightlifting program which includes blocks & cycles designed to compliment the LionWOD class programming.
LP 12 Week Open Prep
99.99 USD
  • ??? Days per Week
  • ???


LP Fitness
30 USDper month
  • 60min Sessions
  • 5 Days per week
  • (Plus an additional active recovery day)
  • This program is designed to help an athlete develop and master all the basics of CrossFit to an RX level, at which point the athlete should be prepared to move to the LP RX/Elite program
LP 12 Week Open Prep
11.99 USD
  • x Sessions per Week
  • x min Sessions
  • Brief summary of what the track providesWe want you to be in the best shape of your life and be better prepared for The Open than you ever have been! Sign up for this 12 Week Prep designed by a Games Athlete to train for your best score yet!