Located only a five minute drive from CBD Geelong, CrossFit Lionmode South boasts a huge 400 square metres of functional fitness space (So much room for activities!).

Our Box is a only two turns off the main highway and next to a full-sized oval on a quiet backstreet for easy parking for all you backstreet boys and girls!



Placed first on this list because it IS first on our list. The best fitness routine is one that you will follow. At CrossFit Lionmode South we understand that fitness doesn’t come easy to most people. Combining the internationally proven methodology of functional fitness known as CrossFit with a class system that helps you stay motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness journey, CrossFit Lionmode South is focused on a holistic service that helps you make goals and then achieve them.


If nurses need ratios to provide good patient care, why wouldn’t you expect the same from your technical coach?

We pride ourselves in providing the best coach-to-athlete ratios in the city! Don’t get lost in the sea, join CrossFit Lionmode South and get the personal attention you need to help workout safely and efficiently!

Fundamentals Program

Nobody runs a marathon without training and practice and we won’t throw you in the deep end either! Our Fundamentals Private Coaching sessions teach you the ins and outs of our safe lifting principles to help you increase your performance in the gym, and reduce your risk of injury outside the gym. Learn the terms we use, the movements common in our classes and the names of a few other beginners, so by the time you jump into classes, there’s already familiar faces.

Scaled To Suit You

Every person who joins our community comes from a different level of fitness, experience and life-style. Why would we expect every person to start at the same place? Crazy, right? We make sure every single movement in every single class is scaled, adjusted and tailored to suit you, exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

Integrated Knowledge of Your Own Abilities

Want to know how to move better? We’re all over it. Want to know how to lift any object safely? That’s our specialty. Want to know when NOT to lift something?

Our bread and butter is teaching you not just to move and lift well, but to know how and when you should and shouldn’t attempt it.

Lionmode Performance Programming

Developed by 2 x CrossFit Games athlete Dean Linder-Leighton, our programming is based around all the functional movements a healthy person should be able to do. With scaling options for those just looking to get their sweat on, to those hoping to compete!

Workout Journal App

In conjunction with our friends at SugarWOD, you will have access to a phone app which lets you log your workouts, check past results and track your progression day-by-day. Get feedback from coaches, send fist bumps to your friends for their achievements and keep a measurable record of how you are just a little bit better than you were yesterday.

Nutritional Guidance

Fitness is an equation that must be balanced. Exercise is just one part of the equation, that needs to be balanced with sleep and nutrition. Need some guidance about where to start? Grab a coach at the end of class to get some groundwork information to set your equation up for success!


Sometimes there’s a movement you just don’t get. It could be as complicated as a muscle-up or as simple as the pull-up. Once a month we run a technical seminar on a single movement requested by our members to make sure we are always adding more and more value for our athletes.

Pro Shop

This bit speaks for itself. You just have to get in before the other members munch them all!
– Switch Nutrition Supplements
– True Protein Supplements
– Noshu Donuts
– Bucha Kombucha
– Denada Ice Cream
– Gorilla Sports Drinks
– LNMD Apparel
Plus we are always adding more!

Shower & Bathroom Facilities

Need to get your workout in before work?

Wash off with a quick shower in our bathroom facilities without having to head back home before joining the rat-race!

Busting to go to the toilet before the workout?
Yep, we have toilet facilities to cover that, too.

Professional Referrals

Been running a lot more and have some tight calves? Twisted your ankle at work and annoyed you can’t jump into classes? We have ongoing relationships with multiple health clinics and professionals to refer you to if you’re not sure where to start. Need a good Chiro, Osteo or Physio? We can point you to the professionals understand our methodology and can give expert advice how to get back in classes as soon as safely possible.