Lionmode Performance is the a holistic programming system which caters for athletes of all levels focused on developing real results.

LionWOD Programming

The daily class WOD is the heart of your gym! The thing people sacrifice and plan there day around to attend, a 60-minute experience, where people come to let go of frustration, catch up with friends, learn, laugh, challenge themselves and improve!

Extra Tracks For Unlimited Access Members!


Designed as a 20min adjunct to the LionWOD or an additional session for later that day, the Lionmode Conditioning tracks will have workouts to build your engine 6 days a week.


Three 60-90min sessions each week focused on developing Olympic weightlifting strength and technique. This includes programmed blocks/cycles with weekly progressions that are designed to complement our LionWOD program. Additional Coach’s notes with warmup and scaling options make this a great complimentary track.


This additional strength focuses on tackling imbalances in strength and stability to ensure your body is in peak condition whilst gaining the benefits of the LionWOD general programming. This program track is designed to act as a stand alone maintenance program as well as  compliment the movements in the LionWOD class. Every 30min session will have 3-4 specific movements to turn you into a bulletproof athlete!